Self-Dealing of Personal Representative or Trustee

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A trustee or personal representative is the person appointed to manage the assets that are in your trust. Given the weightiness of these duties, it is important to choose a reliable and trustworthy individual. Unfortunately, a trustee may give in to self-dealing and put their own interests ahead of yours. If you are the victim of a self-dealing trustee or personal representative, you need a legal advocate on your side.

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How do I know if my trustee is engaging in self-dealing?

When appointed, a trustee is bound by certain standards and duties which govern their behavior. More than anything, a trustee is expected to administer a trust in the exclusive interest of the beneficiary. Failing to do so may indicate that they are placing their wellbeing ahead of the beneficiary.

If any of the following occurred, it can indicate a self-dealing trustee:

  • Failing to exercise the appropriate level of care, skill, and caution
  • Failing to remain loyal to the beneficiary
  • Failing to take control of the trust estate
  • Failing to administer inheritances correctly

Unless the beneficiary has given consent to self-dealing, doing so can result in harsh penalties. Such unlawful behavior by a trustee should not go overlooked. Based on the extent of their actions, the trustee can be held liable and punished accordingly.

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