Why Hire a Board Certified Real Estate Specialist?

The Benefits of a Board Certified Real Estate Expert

If you are facing an underwater mortgage or the potential foreclosure of your home due to an inability to pay through no fault of your own, it makes sense to speak with a Sarasota foreclosure attorney who understands the process, understands the law and can present your case in a way that will give you the best opportunity for success.

There are a large number of attorneys who advertise themselves as foreclosure attorneys seeking to supplement their personal injury or divorce practice. Any property owner that is facing foreclosure or has an underwater mortgage should seek the specific skill set of our lead attorney, Sheryl A. Edwards, a Board Certified Real Estate Expert, rather than a jack-of-all-trades legal professional who may include foreclosure defense as one of many practice areas.

Your wouldn't hire a dermatologist to perform open heart surgery. Why hire anyone other than a Real Estate Expert to help you with your real estate problems?

Having legal representation from a Board Certified Real Estate Specialist with these specialized qualifications and credentials is of great value, as the knowledge concerning real estate, mortgage contracts and the many different issues surrounding foreclosure matters are complex. Where other attorneys may be happy to represent homeowners in foreclosure defense, they simply cannot provide the level of expertise on real estate and foreclosure matters that Ms. Edwards can provide you with. Professionals who have a specialty have specific knowledge and skills, and in any foreclosure or underwater mortgage problem you need quality legal representation that can advise you of the various options that can help you get out from under a bad investment in property.

Finding a Trusted Board Certified Real Estate Attorney in Sarasota

The Edwards Law Firm, PL can provide you with knowledgeable counsel in all matters related to real estate and foreclosure, and we have provided top-level support and representation for many foreclosure victims throughout the Sarasota area. There are often options that should be evaluated quickly so that your interests are protected and the best possible outcome can be pursued. We are dedicated to the success of every client, and will aggressively pursue the option that will best serve your interests and bring the matter of a foreclosure, underwater mortgage or other real estate problem to a close. Selected to The Lawyers of Distinction, a membership offered to the top 10% of attorneys in the United States, Ms. Edwards provides legal counsel you can trust.

Contact a Sarasota real estate lawyer for experienced legal counsel if you are facing real estate litigation, foreclosure, or any other real estate law matter.

The Edwards Law Firm, PL also provides experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel in the areas of estate planning, probate litigation, and will / trust litigation.