Title Defects in Sarasota, Florida

A Real Estate Litigation Attorney Can Solve Your Problems

If a property title cannot be sold or is deemed unmarketable for any reason, it is referred to as a defective title, or being a title defect. Oddly enough, a common cause for defective titles is that the seller does not actually own the property that is being offered. This could be due to outstanding mortgages on the property that would give the mortgage lender some sort of claim over the title, or to honest misunderstandings.

If you have come across a title defect – whether you are the buyer or the seller – you should reach an experienced lawyer at your earliest convenience. At The Edwards Law Firm, PL, we have years of real estate litigation that give us the knowledge and expertise required to navigate your way out of this complicated situation.

What are common causes of title defects?

A defective title may seem to sneak up on both the buyer and the seller, leading to frustration and massive delays in the property’s transference. Causes that may hinder or altogether halt the exchange of a property may include:

  • Preexisting liens and mortgages
  • Missing signatures on deeds and contracts
  • Improperly filed paperwork
  • Expired statutes of limitations

Find a Solution with our Law Firm

You may want to request a “quiet title” action to settle a dispute over a defective title. Doing so asks that your state’s court system investigate the title defect in question to determine who the valid owner of the title is, and whether or not it can be sold. It may be quicker, though, to look into the matter yourself. No matter your course of action, title defects cannot be ignored, as they may lead to larger issues in the future.

The Edwards Law Firm, PL has a dedication to real estate litigation that few others can claim, and we would be more than happy to help you sort out your issues with title defects. Contact our experienced team of Sarasota lawyers now to see the difference we can make for you. Consultations are available – submit any time.