Mobile Home Park Law in FL

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Mobiles homes in Florida are subjected to a unique set of laws and residents are obligated to understand how these laws apply to their circumstances. If you are currently a landlord for a mobile home, you may have questions about certain regulations and perhaps are even concerned that your rights were violated. The Edwards Law Firm, PL is here to offer legal assistance in whatever capacity you may need. Our team is well-versed in mobile home park law and can effectively defend your rights.

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Making Sense of State Mobile Home Regulations

In Florida, a mobile home is defined as a residential structure that is transportable in one or more sections and is at least eight feet wide. All rental amounts must be disclosed in a rental agreement and increases in rent must be disclosed at least 90 days prior to the effective date. While a landlord can evict a tenant from a mobile home park, they must abide by specific laws.

The grounds for eviction from a mobile home park are:

  • Neglecting to pay rent
  • Violating a park rule or regulation
  • Conviction of a federal or state law which is considered harmful to the safety of other residents
  • Change in the use of land occupied by the mobile home park

If a tenant has a complaint against the mobile home park owner, they can mail, email, or fax their complaint to the appropriate parties. Most complaints concern unfair treatment, a violation of proper eviction procedures, or issues with a rental agreement.

As a mobile home occupant, you deserve to have your complaints heard. Many often go overlooked, simply because of the influx of complaints and requests that flood the current system. Avoid having the same thing happen to you! Turn to a real estate litigation lawyer from our firm for personal representation and aggressive advocacy. Call our Sarasota office today!