Landlord/Tenant Evictions in Florida

Helping Landlords Through the Eviction Process

There is no question about it – landlord/tenant issues are some of the most delicate in all of real estate. Evictions are even more so and it’s important to understand the standards both parties are held to by state law. When a tenant breaks their responsibilities, such as rent payments, building and health codes, and dwelling maintenance, it can lead to an eviction.

However, before an eviction takes place, the following must occur:

  • The tenant receives a written notice to vacate
  • The tenant is served a summons and complaint by an authorized process server
  • The tenant is given an opportunity to respond
  • A Writ of Possession is posted

If a landlord skips even one of these steps, it can create serious legal ramifications. Each step gives the tenant a chance to react appropriately and respond if they so desire. In certain circumstances, a tenant may be able to contest the eviction by challenging the landlord’s behavior.

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