Failure to Disclose Defects

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When you are in the process of buying a home, the last thing you want is to be met with unexpected “surprises” about the condition of your house. Although sellers in Florida are bound by the law to disclose known defects, they often neglect to do so out of fear that the buyer will walk away. If you feel that the seller of your home violated state disclosure laws, you may be able to take legal action.

As you deal with problems incurred by the seller’s action, you likely feel unequipped to hold them accountable for their actions. Fortunately, you are not in this alone. Our lead Sarasota real estate litigation attorney has received numerous awards for her talent and ability to achieve success. We would be honored to help you pursue the favorable outcome you deserve.

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What happens if a seller doesn’t properly disclose?

Florida sellers are required to disclose information about the condition of the property and any repairs that have been done or are still necessary. This could include plumbing issues, roof defects, problems with the neighbors, or insect infestations. You can sue the seller if they fail to disclose known defects that materially affect the value of the property.

Take Action with a Sarasota Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Acting quickly is key when you suspect a failure to disclose violation. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to support your lawsuit. Rest assured that we don’t wait – the moment a client contacts us, we begin working on their behalf.

Buying a home is an immense decision and shouldn’t be made more difficult by a dishonest seller. Schedule your consultation for the defense you need from our real estate litigation lawyer in Sarasota.