Real Estate Litigation Attorney in Sarasota

Resolving Disputes While Prioritizing Our Clients

The desirability of property in Florida has led to an increasing number of real estate transactions being made each year. As a result, disputes regarding these transactions are not uncommon and often develop into long-lasting legal battles. At The Edwards Law Firm, PL, our goal is to minimize the effects of real estate litigation by crafting strategic solutions for our clients .

Our firm represents both buyers and sellers, as well as landlords. We understand the complex nature of real estate litigation and are able to successfully help Sarasota residents navigate their disputes. More than just applying a Band-Aid to your problems, our real estate attorneys are focused on applying strategies with lasting benefits.

We have experience resolving litigation related to:

  • Contract disputes
  • Title defects
  • Boundary disputes
  • Failure to disclose defects
  • Landlord/tenant evictions
  • Mobile home park law

Our firm is dedicated to protecting your rights, no matter how complex the circumstances may be. We understand that no two cases are the same and never force our clients into a cookie-cutter solution. Uniquely and effectively solving your problems is what we do best.

Representation Grounded in Excellence & Experience

When you retain our real estate lawyers, you can expect comprehensive support throughout every phase of your case. We often seek to resolve disputes outside of court, rather than relying on this as our very first option. However if court does become necessary, we are more than capable of aggressively protecting your rights and defending your concerns.

The small size of our firm enables us to truly understand where our clients are coming from and represent them in a way that reflects their desires. There is no question that real estate litigation can be challenging, but the right team on your side truly makes all the difference.

Why face this dispute on your own? The Edwards Law Firm, PL is just a phone call away with award-winning counsel and proven resources. Call us today to align with trusted real estate litigation lawyers in Sarasota!