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Real Estate Expert with Years of Experience

When choosing a foreclosure lawyer, wouldn't you rather have one who has an extensive background in real estate law? This is exactly what we offer at The Edwards Law Firm, PL. Sheryl A. Edwards is a Palmetto foreclosure lawyer who has 16 years of estate law experience, and she is a board-certified in real estate. This is the type of professional expertise you need when you are trying to determine how to deal with an underwater mortgage or a possible foreclosure.

Dealing with Distressed Properties and Foreclosure

When your mortgage debt far exceeds the actual value of your home, it is time to reevaluate your options so that you do not worsen your financial situation. Our firm can help you determine whether it is make sense financially to keep making payments on your loan, or whether you would actually benefit more from walking away from your loan, therefore deliberately causing a foreclosure. This is done through a strategic default.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might be facing an unwanted foreclosure. We can help you evaluate your foreclosure defense options by reviewing various factors, such as your property's value, your financial circumstances and the way your mortgage was written. We can look into whether your lender made any errors in your loan or the foreclosure paperwork, as well as whether there are any government programs or laws that can be used for your benefit.

One solution that many individuals turn to in these types of situations is the short sale. A short sale occurs when the mortgage lender allows the home to be sold for an amount that is lower than the loan balance. If you decide to conduct a short sale, you will need to take action to avoid a deficiency judgment so you do not end up later being financially liable for the difference. Whether you need help understanding your foreclosure rights, negotiating a short sale, obtaining a deed in lieu or carrying out some other action related to your real estate matter, we encourage you to consult with our skilled lawyer.

About Palmetto, FL

The waterfront city of Palmetto covers an area of about seven square miles on the Pacific Gulf Coast. The community, which lies within the boundaries of Manatee County, is located south of Petersburg and north of Sarasota. According to its website, Palmetto has a population of just more than 14,000 residents. U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the city has more than 5,300 households. It also has a homeownership rate of 72.6% and a median household income of $36,299.

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