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Helping Homeowners Recover from Underwater Mortgages

Individuals who owe more on their homes than they are actually worth usually face a slew of challenges, including possible foreclosure. Are you a homeowner who is looking to avoid foreclosure? Are you looking for a way to minimize the losses you could suffer due to your underwater mortgage? If you are in this situation, the first thing you need to do is enlist the help of a skilled foreclosure lawyer. Florida has some of the highest foreclosure rates in the U.S. For this reason, there are many law firms out there that have entered the foreclosure defense arena despite the fact that they have very limited real estate law experience. At our law firm, The Edwards Law Firm, PL, you get to work with a Manatee County foreclosure attorney who has 16 years of experience in real estate law. In fact, our lead attorney—Sheryl A. Edwards—is an expert in her field since she is a board-certified real estate specialist. Take advantage of Attorney Edwards' expertise by consulting with her on your foreclosure issue!

Serving Manatee County, FL

Our law firm provides legal support to homeowners living in and around Manatee County, Florida. Manatee County is located on the state's western coast, in the Tampa Bay Area. The county, which has Bradenton as its county seat, is part of the North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota metro area. According to the Bradenton Herald, RealtyTrac data showed that this metropolitan area took the No. 3 spot in June 2013 for foreclosure rates among metropolitan areas in the U.S. with populations of at least 200,000. Manatee County has more than 131,000 households, with a median value of owner-occupied housing units of $48,181, as noted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Understanding Your Foreclosure Defense Options

The foreclosure defense options that are available will depend on the individual's specific circumstances. When working with our clients, we look for any errors made by the bank or the mortgage company, such as mistakes (or even forgery) in loan or foreclosure documents. When it becomes clear that the foreclosure process was not carried out properly, this could end up being used as a defense for the homeowner.

In some cases, the homeowner might be able to get rid of the home in a way that is more beneficial to him or her, such as through a deed in lieu or a short sale. These options are sometimes provided through cash for keys settlements. When individual use the short sale process, they need to take the appropriate steps so they can avoid deficiency judgments. We also advise our clients how to use defaults, when this will benefit them. There are many reasons to consider a strategic default. These are just a few of the many areas with which we are able to provide legal guidance to our clients.

If you have been served with a foreclosure notice or you are at risk of receiving such a notice, do not hesitate to get legal help. Contact us today for experience-based legal counsel!

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