Do I Need a Will?

Counsel from a Sarasota Probate Attorney

Wills are an extremely practical and foundational aspect of estate planning. By creating one, you can determine the future of your assets, even after you are gone. Unfortunately, many people miss out on valuable benefits because they feel the value of their estate doesn’t warrant a will. At The Edwards Law Firm, PL, we know that a will is advantageous regardless of your circumstances and have the experience to help you prepare yours with minimal complications.

Five Reasons Why You Need a Will

The future is full of unknowns and preparing a will is one way to protect yourself against much of life’s uncertainties. Here are five ways a will is imperative for you and your family:

  1. You decide who gets what. Family disputes are quite common after a loved one’s passing, particularly when money and assets are involved. Your will can clearly specify which assets go to each individual, thus minimizing any potential conflicts.
  2. You can protect your minor children. Should the need arise, it is important to have a plan in place for your minor children. A will allows you to appoint a specific individual to raise your children if you can no longer do so.
  3. You can minimize estate taxes. Taxes are no doubt the bane of everyone’s existence but you can ease the sting by preparing a will and deciding how everything will be distributed.
  4. You can change your mind. The beauty of a will is that while you’re alive, nothing is set in stone. If you ever feel differently about any aspect of your will, you have the freedom to change it.
  5. You protect your family from legal complications. After you pass, dealing with legal challenges is the last thing your family wants to deal with. A will can simplify their responsibilities when you’re gone.
Whether you’re nearing your golden years or are just approaching the middle of your life, a will isn’t something you should put off. Our probate attorneys would be honored to apply our expertise to your circumstances and guide you toward a favorable resolution. Schedule your consultation in Sarasota, FL today!